Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sadness at the passing of my greyhound

Some of you who read this blog or my others know about my love of dogs, particularly of greyhounds. In January 2004, our golden retriever, Rox, died from cancer at the age of 9 years. Five months later, we brought home our first greyhound, Oscar. Then in August, 2007, we lost him, also to cancer. He was 10 days shy of his fifth birthday.

Three months after Oscar died, we brought home his half-sister Dee, who had retired from being a brood mom. She had not had a home so she had some things to learn and get used to. She fit right in and I fell in love with her before I went to sleep that first night. Dee turned 9 years old on December 23, but she didn't make it to 10. Dee died last week. We're not entirely sure what the problem was in the end, but she did have problems with an old break in one of her legs. She had horrendous arthritis in the break that caused her a lot of pain. We tried many things to try to relieve her pain, some worked better than others, but she never seemed to be pain free.

They're never here long enough, are they?

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Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Marijke,

I am so sorry to hear of Dee's passing. You are a wonderful person to be so caring.