Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fertility treatment only for the "right" people?

As more so-called non-traditional families are formed, they encounter many of the same issues as the so-called traditional families. And, one of these problems is that of infertility. Some women work on the issue alone, but many others seek out help just as others would.

Now, there is often debate about how fertility treatments should be handled. Should insurance reimburse the treatment? Is fertility a right? How much should insurance pay if it does? Of course, there are also issues, like the debate over fertility treatment that results in a poor family in Egypt having septuplets when they can barely afford to care for the three girls they already have at home (Impoverished Egyptian septuplet’s family - a failure of infertility treatment?). And - there's the debate as to whether these non-traditional families should be "allowed" to undergo fertility treatment too.

According to some healthcare providers mentioned in this article, Breeder Reaction, no - they shouldn't. Is that right? What do you think?

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