Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Childhoods: The Games We Used to Play

Do you remember running around, playing freely with friends, siblings, or cousins? Do you remember the  freedom that came from organizing your own games of tag, hide and seek, Red Rover, and all those other games?

This type of free play was very active, with lots of running, jumping, throwing balls, and more - our bodies were moving, often for hours at a time. We may not have realized it back then, but we were getting exercise while we were having fun.

Our games were also very social. Because they were pick-up games, they were organized by us. Someone got the kids together, someone supplied the tools (ball, etc.), if needed. Rules were discussed, compromises made, and the games then played. Sometimes, negotiations were needed as some players decided they wanted to play the game one way, while others disagreed.

Playing was a part of our life. That was what we did. No matter what socioeconomic group, culture, geographic location - with the rare extreme exception - all of us played. 

Games We Used to Play is a site where people can submit their memories of games they played. It's part of a project to help people remember the simpler times, where games were played with a minimum of objects. No electricity, no Internet connections - just imagination and time. There is also a Facebook page: When I Was a Kid, I Played, where others are also discussing the games of their childhood. Everyone is welcome, no matter where in the world you are, to share your stories. Please do.