Thursday, September 10, 2009

Health Care for All in the U.S.? Speech reaction

I just listened to President Obama's speech on health care reform, presented last night. As a Canadian, I feel like I'm peeking in when I do this but I'm glad I watched it because it did clear up a few things for me.

I do understand that many people are against health reform, but my outsider view sees that as a function of not truly understanding what it is the U.S. government is trying to do. It seems to me that those who are adamantly against reform are the ones who seem to be spreading mis-truths about the issue. So, this is what I got from President Obama's speech:

  • if you have health insurance and are happy with it, you do NOT have to change from what you have
  • if you are employed and don't have insurance, you will be able to get insurance
  • if you have a pre-existing condition or illness, you can NOT be denied insurance coverage
  • if you have a small business or want to have a small business, there will be ways to help you get coverage for you and your employees
  • there will be a small public option for those who can't get insurance any other way
  • there will be no death panels
  • efforts will be made to contain health care costs, resulting in savings that will help pay for this system
  • no-one will go bankrupt because they can't afford to get sick
So, if I understand correctly, those seniors who are waving "hands off my medicare" are worried about nothing. Those who are afraid that they'll be told they can't get treatment because they are considered expendable are worried about nothing. Business owners who feel they need to close their doors because they won't be able to afford to insure their employees are worried about nothing. And, those who are making a fortune in insurance companies by spinning things their way DO have something to worry about because they'll now be held accountable.

Can someone explain to me what's so bad about all this?