Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Should fertility doctors limit embryo implantations?

Since the birth of the California octuplets last month, the Internet has been buzzing with people who agree with/disagree with/are horrified with/don't care much about what happened and how it happened.

But, regardless of how you feel about the woman's choices, what do you think of the doctor's choices? It's been said that the doctor implanted all eight embryos into the California mom's uterus and all eight took. Other people are saying (theorizing) that fewer embryos were implanted but they divided. While that last thought is true, the idea that only four were implanted and *all* four divided is just on the side of ludicrous. From what I've been reading, the division itself is rare - but for this woman to have four divide, those are odds worth buying a lottery ticket for.

How do I feel? I think any doctor that puts a woman's life at risk by implanting any more than four embryos should lose his or her license. Not only is the doctor putting the woman's life at risk, the babies may grow up with severe handicaps if they live. They may not and many perfectly "normal" babies do end up disabled later in life. But why introduce this very strong possibility when it can be avoided?

Time has an interesting article on IVF and embryo implantation. It's worth popping over there to read.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Don't drive if you have the flu

According to the findings of a study in the United Kingdom, people who have a bad cold or the flu (the real flu, influenza, not a gastro bug) are just as dangerous on the roads as drunk drivers. An Australian study equated driving with the flu as the same as driving having just had two glasses of whisky.

In other words, any condition that slows  your reflexes or dulls your senses causes a dangerous driving environment. People are only now starting to realize the danger in driving while tired, perhaps we need to be more aware of our mental faculties in all cases.

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