Friday, May 16, 2008

Squeaking hip replacements?

Squeaking hip replacements? Who'd have thought? It's true though. Some people with ceramic hip replacements are experiencing squeaking (Can an artificial hip squeak?). Despite the obvious concern that there might be something wrong, the annoyance can be a major factor.

I can only imagine how self-conscious someone may feel if their hip is making a squeaking sound whenever going up and down the stairs or even while having sex - if your partner isn't laughing too hard, that is.

It reminds me of the concern that people had about setting off metal detectors if they had joint replacements. Once, when I was traveling in a group to Calgary, one of the women was pulled aside because she had set off the metal detector. It turns out it was her underwire bra. I still smile when I remember the scene. Good thing she had a good sense of humor.

I do hope they find a solution for squeaking hips though - it can't be fun to live with.

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