Monday, May 12, 2008

A bit of a twist for today's post - great blogs

Writing is my work life now, it's how I earn my living and I enjoy it thoroughly. One thing that is very important as a freelance writer is connecting with others. Because of this, I belong to a group called Freelance Success. One of the members thought of a Blogathon, which has participants posting every day for the month of May.

For my regular readers, this may explain my weekend posts. :-)

So, here is the list of the posters who are participating in the blogathon. You'll find some really interesting blogs here if you would like to explore:

  • Bike with Jackie

  • Carl's Liver Transplant

  • Champion of My Heart

  • Choose Your Words Wisely

  • Christie's Corner

  • Claudine M. Jalajas

  • Down the Shore with Jen

  • Embrace Adventure

  • Film Gecko

  • Fit in Real Life

  • I'm Too Young to be a Woman This Old

  • The Lacrosse Blog

  • The Lean Green Family

  • Living in Season

  • Only Laura

  • Parenting by Trial and Error

  • Peace of Mind Organizing

  • Politophile

  • The Renegade Writer

  • What Came Down Today

  • WordCount

  • Today on Help My Hurt:

    Don’t forget: book on medicinal marijuana
    MIRZA surgery for carpal tunnel
    Sally Field speaks out about osteoporosis
    Diabetic neuropathy pain may be relieved with lacosamide, study says
    Broken wrist: Blue Jays outfielder Vernon Wells
    Hamstring injury for Detroit Pistons’ Chauncey Billups
    Men get osteoporosis too - screening guidelines
    Flector anti-inflammatory patch for strains and sprains
    Finding a practitioner of complementary or alternative medicine

    News for Today:

    25 years after HIV discovered, vaccine search goes on
    Train quarantine the new normal of disease surveillance
    That Must Be Bob. I Hear His New Hip Squeaking.
    Newer Prostate Cancer Treatment Similar to Traditional Surgery (HealthDay)
    Problems spur FDA caution on insulin pump
    Canada orders vitamin D study

    1 comment:

    Dana said...

    Exciting blogathon! Thanks for sharing what others are up to. Sounds like a cool site you're involved with, I hope to get into freelancing in the fall and sounds like a place I should join!

    Keep up the strong writing for the rest of the month! :) I know it gets tough!