Monday, July 7, 2008

Anger towards doctors

Sometimes, I'm really surprised at how angry some people are towards the healthcare community, and doctors in particular. While I can completely understand how people can be angry or frustrated with *a* doctor or a few doctors, to paint the whole profession as incompetents who are in it only for the money seems to me to be quite the over reaction.

One person commented, over at Help My Hurt, about how doctors "like diabetes and heart disease for which they do not have to think. (and even then they screw up)." Is that really a fair assessment?

For people with undiagnosed and non-treated properly chronic conditions, it may seem that doctors are not willing or able to help them. I've been fairly lucky in that most doctors I've had to see have been really good about providing me with the care I need - although there have been some times when I was wondering about if a doctor believed me or if he or she was competent enough to be doing the job.

But, as a nurse, I've seen doctors go way above and beyond the call of duty to help patients and their families. I've seen doctors fight the odds to help patients and I've seen doctors leave because they can't help patients, and the can't take it any more.

So, is the anger towards the medical profession misdirected or reasonable?

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