Friday, July 11, 2008

Me? Funded by a pharma?

One of the interesting things of writing blogs is the reaction that some people have to some of your posts. I like comments and I like them whether they agree with me or not. My only "rule" is that you must be polite. However, I do reserve the right to respond in the way I do. :-)

What brought this about? I wrote a post on the myths of narcotics and opioids over at Help My Hurt (Narcotic and opioid myths - it’s time to smarten up) because there are many misconceptions about the medications. Using narcotics to manage pain is a real necessity for many people who live with chronic pain. That's not to deny that there are problems with the medications, but it's also important to debunk the myths that keep people from taking the medications, no matter how badly they may need them.

Does that put me in the pocket of pharmas? Hardly. I can give them as much criticism as I can throw at them. But I also believe in helping people by providing information, whether others like it or not.

Today at Help My Hurt:

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Today at Womb Within:

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News for Today:

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