Thursday, April 9, 2009

Final cookie diet report

Ok folks, my cookie diet trial has ended. I ended up staying on it for four weeks because the initial trial of two weeks did show a dramatic weight loss. The second two weeks? Not so much.

Here's the deal. I began the diet four weeks ago because I was planning on losing about 20 pounds and the opportunity came up to try to lose it this way. As I've said in previous posts, I'm really good about losing weight through a well-balanced diet like Weight Watchers, but I thought I'd give this a shot because it's so much in the public eye.

My first impression was the cookies were awful. They turned out not to be so bad at all. I liked the banana boca ones in particular. I lost 9 pounds in the first two and a half weeks. Then it took one and a half to lose a 1/2 pound for a total of 10 pounds.

The diet itself isn't difficult. The cookies, with a full glass of water after, do keep your hunger at bay until you have your sensible meal at supper time. But, it's the sensible meal that was my downfall. I don't mind eating lean chicken or white fish. I like them. But there are only so many ways you can prepare them. I made them with lots of veggies, I mixed them in with big bowls of salad, but sometimes, I wanted some of the rice, potatoes, pasta.

The thing is, I wouldn't have a lot of that forbidden food. I'd have a couple of mouthfuls to have the taste. I don't consider that to be cheating. I think that you can't deprive yourself of a bit of what you really like to eat throughout the whole course of a diet. That's when you fall off your wagon and end up really cheating, because you haven't had any of the food you enjoy and see others eating.

Unfortunately, just those few bites of forbidden foods would keep me from losing weight. To me, there's something not right about not being able to have a few tastes of something.

Ten days ago, I hit 152 pounds, 10 less than when I started. Most of the following 10 days, I didn't cheat at all (not even a few bites). I'd say maybe four of the days I had some tastes. Yet, 10 days later, I'm still at 152 pounds.

I'm not complaining about the weight loss itself. I think losing 10 pounds in four weeks is great and I'm grateful for the kick start it provided me. Helped me feel better about myself to be able to fit into some of my favourite clothes again. But I honestly can't see myself eating only white fish and chicken at night for another few weeks.

So, it's back to WW for me for that final 10 pounds. I have a few of their cookbooks and their recipes are so tasty that it'll be nice to enjoy my food again.

My recommendation: If you really need a kick start to weight loss, the cookie diet is a great idea. What it does is it shows you that you can lose the weight. But, beware of the extremely restrictive sensible meals.


Mark Houston Recovery said...

Correct me if I'm wrong here....I thought that it was bad to use foods or other types of dietary supplements to "suppress" your appetite because then it puts you at risk of overeating later...right?

Marijke Vroomen-Durning said...

Hi Mark, I don't know if there are studies but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case.

The cookie diet is meant to help you feel full though - I don't think it's the same thing as suppressing your appetite. But then again, this is definitely not my area of expertise!