Friday, June 27, 2008

Relaxing and taking time for yourself

Life moves so fast for us that sometimes we find it hard to take time to really enjoy what we have around us. I know I'm guilty of that. But taking time to recharge is a necessary part of staying healthy.

In Montreal, festival season has begun. It's the International Jazz festival right now and it's huge. People come from all over the world to participate and to watch. There are many free outdoor shows and there's really no excuse not to go and take in a show. So, in all these years, why have I not done that?

Coming soon with be the Just for Laughs festival. Another huge event in Montreal. You have to love their URL: :-) Several well known comics in the US were first noticed during performances here at Just for Laughs. So... again.... how come I've never gone to a show? This one I do have a bit of an excuse - the comedians I'd like to see are in shows that are either too expensive or they sell out too fast for me to get tickets. My idea of humour doesn't involve having swear words or obscenities for laughs. If you have to swear to get a laugh, then you're not funny to me. So, that cuts out a lot of shows I'd like to see.

There are many other festivals and events in Montreal that make living here an entertainment adventure. What treasures are available where you live? Do you take advantage of any of the offerings?

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