Thursday, March 20, 2008

More on allergies

If you have allergies, how do they affect you? Are they seasonal allergies that make you all headache-y and stuffed up? Do you have food allergies that can be life-threatening? What about environmental allergies that can do all sorts of stuff to you?

I'm pretty lucky. My only biggie in terms of allergies is one to sulfa drugs, antibiotics. Luckily, unlike antibiotics like penicillin, they're not usually the first choice of medications so I don't worry about getting them in an emergency situation. I do have mild allergies to a few other things but nothing to really get upset about.

I did have an odd thing happen before Christmas though. My daughter and I went shopping and I bought some ice cream sandwiches from a company I'd never bought before. My daughter had one and a few days later, I had one. I was enjoying it but towards the end, I felt like I'd been eating pepper. I thought it was odd, but I forgot about it. I had another one a few days later and again, at the end of the treat, my mouth felt like it was burning. I actually looked at what was left to see if it had been tampered with. I honestly felt like someone had put pepper on the ice cream. It was a very harsh burning, peppery feeling on my tongue and lips.

Well, seems like I'm a slow learner because I tried a third one a few weeks later. I had asked my daughter if she had tasted anything odd with the ice cream and she didn't. So, I started a third one. Same thing happened. Duh - it finally clicked that I was having a reaction to something in the ice cream sandwich. Like I said - I can be slow sometimes.

I have no idea what it is I reacted to. I've never had a reaction to food before. I'm going to have to pay more attention to anything like that in the future and be a little more on the ball. Could it have been just that one product? I hope so. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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