Thursday, December 6, 2007

Months, weeks, days for health issue awareness

Have you ever wondered how people keep track of the various cause by the month, week, or day, such as National Birth Defects Prevention Month (January), Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week (in March) or World Mental Health Day (Oct. 10)?

There are calendars available to tell you what health issue is noted at what time of the year. The one I like to consult is at the National Health Information Center. Who would have thought there was a National Radon Action Month or Whole Grains Month?

In all seriousness, it really does help bring awareness of some of the lesser known health issues. Journalists can use the calendars to pitch stories to general publications and associations can use them for publicity blitzes or charity events.

So, what’s coming up for this month? December is a slow month – there’s only Safe Toys and Gifts Month, National Aplastic Anemia and MDS Awareness Week (this week), World AIDS Day (that was on Dec. 1), and National Handwashing Awareness Week (this week, as well). In January, be ready to learn more about thyroid issues, cervical health, glaucoma, birth defects, and radon.

News for Today:

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