Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas and allergies?

Are you one of the many people who get all stuffed up at Christmas time? Do find you have a sinus infection every New Year? Do you have a real Christmas tree? Your health and your tree may have something in common.

According to this article Allergies may be rooted in Christmas trees, it could be the tree that is making you sick. While this may not be new news to many doctors, it isn’t widely known among the general public.

I was listening to the radio the other day when this topic came up. People were suggesting that artificial trees were the way to go if you were allergic to real trees. My thought was, though, can’t a lot of dust accumulate on the artificial trees? I would think that this could also contribute to allergy symptoms – or is that too far off?

We’re a real tree family, although for the past few years, I have been floating the idea of an artificial tree. Unfortunately, the idea gets shot down each time. I grew up with artificial ones, but some of the now are so real looking, it’s amazing.

Mind you, there is something to be said about having that real tree, pine needles and all. I even don’t mind finding needles months later. Makes me think of our special holiday and how lucky I am to have this choice.

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Unknown said...

My poor daughter was severly allergic to Christmas trees growing up. Every year she is unwrapping her gifts in a red faced allergy suffering face. Eventually she outgrew this and I was glad as just being around one for a little bit had her suffering.

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