Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blog tours

Time to share some blogs I like to read. I try not to spend too much time surfing, but often I go to blogs I check regularly and find a link to another blog, which ends up being another blog I visit regularly. Then I go to leave a message and, while reading other messages, I follow a link and find yet another blog that I want to visit regularly. Sense a theme here?

One blog I visit every morning is Crabby McSlacker’s Cranky Fitness. It’s supposed to be a guide to health and related issues but often becomes a giggle fest, particularly when she solicits comments for a particular post. After a stop at Crabby’s, I usually head on over to Sue Poremba’s I Breathe, Therefore I write. I met Sue in person several years ago through an Internet group. She was encouraging when I went full-time freelancing and nudged me in the direction of Freelance Success, which is a wonderful and fun resource for freelance writers. After a quick peak at Sue’s site, I pop over to Australia and visit Dawn Rotarangi’s The Flightless Writer. She updates less frequently than she used to, but I still check every day because her posts are well worth reading.

Other sites I pop into regularly when I have time are Inherwritemind1, Women of Mystery, Christy’s Coffee Break, and Emergiblog. I look at other blogs and I apologize for those whose blogs I read but didn’t list.

Anyway, now for me to get back to work. Have a great day everyone and thanks for visiting my blog.

News for Today:

Healthy lifestyle counters female infertility: study
Extra weight, eating red meat linked to elevated cancer risk: global study
Children with Asperger syndrome more likely to have sleep problems
Link between a sleep-related breathing disorder and increased heart rate variability
Breastfed babies breathe better, except when mom has asthma
ACP issues comprehensive guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of stable COPD


Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Marijke,

Thanks for mentioning Women of Mystery. We are so happy to have you stop by. You and I frequent some of the same sites and I am going to have to check out the blogs you visit that I have not yet seen.

BTW, when I saw the cancer/weight/red meat on the news and didn't quite catch the point. I said to myself: no problem, I'll catch it on Marijke's blog. Sure enough!!


Lois Karlin said...

Thanks for the mention and a great list of sites. Engaging and entertaining, all.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Thanks so much Marijke!

The best thing about Cranky Fitness is indeed the comments, and yours are heartily appreciated.

Also thanks for the rest of the list there are some great sites there!

Nan Higginson said...


Glad to have found your site. My daughter's a high risk labor and delivery nurse and my son's finishing his first year as a nurse anesthetist. They keep dodging my suggestions that they write about the world as they see it, and pass along both stories and info. (They are good writers, by gum, but they really don't want to go there.

I'll send them a note about your blog - see if it gets them buzzing! Glad to see all your blog offerings. You sure know your stuff!

Write On!
Nan - from Women of Mystery

Mary said...

Thanks for all of these links. I love exploring new blogs and finding new friends. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Marijke Vroomen-Durning said...

You're very welcome to all of you. Thanks for stopping by.