Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Perhaps a visit to a podiatrist may be the ticket

Have sore feet? Ever do anything about it? Most people don’t, although I can’t prove that. I just gather that most people don’t seek help from the number who complain about sore feet – including me.

I was on my feet pretty well all day Saturday because of an event I was at, promoting my book, and then yesterday for a good few hours again as I chopped, sliced, and diced 10 pounds of carrots. When I worked as a nurse, I was on my feet all day/evening/night long at work and I believe that I started the path to ruining my feet by wearing the cheap shoes I did while I worked.

In my youth, I figured, what’s the difference? A shoe’s a shoe, right? I learned the hard way, no, that’s not right. And if you are a nurse, or anyone who is on their feet all day long, a good shoe is so very important.

So, now that I’ve learned that, what is the best thing for us with the aching feet. A visit to a podiatrist might be a good idea. Most people don’t know that a podiatrist has to go through a 4-year program, much like general physicians. They study the same anatomy and biology as general physicians, although the podiatry students focus on the foot and ankle. There are eight accredited school in the United States that provide this education. Canadians who want to study podiatry have to go to the US as there are no podiatric schools in Canada right now.

Once the 4-year training is complete, a podiatry residency follows, much like the medical residencies. In podiatry, the residents participate in a year of training in clinics and hospital settings. Podiatrists can specialize in orthopedics (bone), medicine (foot care) and/or surgery. Those who specialize in surgery are allowed to perform complicated foot and ankle surgery.

According to the Calgary Foot Clinic, there are no certification bodies in Canada, but there is certification in the U.S.

So, maybe I should follow my own advice and see a podiatrist. It sure beats complaining about my sore feet.

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Mary said...

Caring for our feet is important. Like you, I always wore cheap shoes. I worked as a waitress for years and was on my feet for hours a day. Today I'm paying for those cheap shoes with leg and foot pain.

It might be a good idea for you to see a podiatrist. The same goes for me. Thanks for the reminder.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

As a former smoker who participated for five years in a CT study for lung cancer in a hospital in NY and still get scans on my own, I appreciate the info on the lung CTs.