Sunday, September 30, 2007

Popping up on Google a lot

A quick Sunday morning post.

I've found that my blog is definitely picking up in hits. Although I have a few regular readers, I get lots of readers from Google hits. It's interesting to see what word string have brought people to my blog.

Using StatCounter, I can see where people come from and get an idea of how many hits per day I'm getting. I use the free version so I have to keep clearing my stats, but it's all I need for now. Anyway, sometimes, I'll go back and do a Google search for the ones I see on my stats page and I'm amazed at how high my blog is - almost always in the first page and then, at least half-way up, if not higher.

I hope that people who find their way here through these searches like what they see and get something out of it. I have fun writing the posts and do love getting emails and comments about my posts.

And that's it for an early Sunday morning. See you tomorrow.


Dawn said...

I'm sure that your posts are a big help to people searching for info. You're always well informed and interesting and I love your odd dash of something totally off topic every now and then!.

Marijke Vroomen-Durning said...

Thanks! What a nice compliment. :-)