Saturday, June 28, 2014

Over 100 bloggers!

As a writer, I am fortunate to know many other writers - and several of them have blog, sites, or projects of their own. So today, I wanted to share with you three that I like. I hope I'm not hurting any feelings by not writing about all the blogs I like, but there would be so many and I'd still accidentally leave some out.

Jennifer Fink, a nurse, health writer, and mom to four boys started a new venture last year, She has great stuff on the issues surrounding raising boys. In my opinion, it's worth reading even if you don't have a son or your sons are grown up. I know some of her posts have made me stop and think about certain issues.

Monica Bhide is a food writer and a great all around person. Her blog talks about food, writing about food, and life in general. She is the author of a few cookbooks, including Modern Spice and The Everything Indian Cookbook.

Moving over to writing and earning money writing, Kelly James Enger's blog is chock full of great advice. Called Dollars and Deadlines, Kelly's posts are helpful for both beginning and experienced writers. Being a professional writer, working for yourself means that you have to make all the decisions yourself too. Sometimes, you need someone like Kelly to tell you the obvious (at least I do) or to explain the more complicated.

And here is a list of bloggers who were participating in this year's blogathon - which is almost over!

  1. Nick DiUlio Twenty Pounds Of Headlines 
  2. Jennifer Allen Pierced Wonderings 
  3. David Allen David Allen in Catalonia 
  4. Lois Alter Mark Midlife at the Oasis 
  5. Karen Bannan Natural as Possible Mom 
  6. T.A. Barnhart Carpe Bucko 
  7. Pat Blumer patblumer 
  8. Sue Ann Bowling Homecomingbook 
  9. Deborah Brauser Travel Browsing with Deb 
  10. Beverly Burmeier Going on Adventures 
  11. Margarette Burnette Coupons and Kids 
  12. Susan Caba Resale Evangelista 
  13. Caren Chesler The Dancing Egg 
  14. Doug Glenn Clark Author with Guitar 
  15. Julie Cleveland Blue Morning Expressions Bluprint 
  16. Katie Coakley Katie on the Map 
  17. Tammy Petty Conrad tammyyoga 
  18. Damage Control Damage Control Radio 
  19. John Cooke CookeCapeMay 
  20. Brandee Crisp Never Pity The Past 
  21. Ruth Curran Cranium Crunches: The Quest to Find my Keys 
  22. Katie Dancause TLC: The Lactating Catholic 
  23. Mikaela D’Eigh La Belle Dame de Merci 
  24. Laura Depta Depta Being Depta 
  25. Jackie Dishner Phoenix Living on the Cheap 
  26. Kristen Fischer Every Last Breath 
  27. Kevin Flavin Carlisle Group 
  28. Barb Freda Babette Feasts 
  29. Laura French Words Into Action 
  30. David Geer David Geer Talks Tech, Take Two 
  31. Kristen Gillette Adult Ballerina Project 
  32. Jenna GlatzerHot Diggity! 
  33. Reyna Gobel Graduation Debt 
  34. Jennifer Goforth Gregory The Content Marketing Writer 
  35. Natasha Golinsky Next Level Nonprofits 
  36. Sandra Gordon 
  37. Debra Gordon Debra Gordon 
  38. Carol Graham Battered Hope 
  39. Yael Grauer Yael Writes 
  40. Rose Green Drop 50 Fast 
  41. Shihaam H Misplaced Indulgences 
  42. Holly Hammersmith Keeping a Healthy Home and Lifestyle 
  43. Elizabeth Hanes RN2Writer 
  44. Heather harris Heather Harris 
  45. Jennifer Harris Ponderings of an Elect Exile 
  46. Christina Hernandez Sherwood Christina Hernandez Sherwood 
  47. Megan hicks Life, the Universe, and Everything 
  48. Joan Hocky grace and dirt 
  49. Lisa Hubbell Landguppy Productions 
  50. Leah Ingram Suddenly Frugal 
  51. Kelly James-Enger Dollars and Deadlines 
  52. Gauri Kekre Mind Brew 
  53. Amanda Klenner Natural Living Mamma 
  54. Alice Knisley Matthias 
  55. Nancy Koerbel Settled Work 
  56. Megan Kopp Time. Travel. Trek. 
  57. Elizabeth Kricfalusi Tech for Luddites 
  58. Jody Kristina Wolfpack Lovin 
  59. Nicky LaMarco Freelance Writing 4 Beginners 
  60. Marla Lawrence bpnurse 
  61. Christina Le Beau Spoonfed: Raising kids to think about the food they eat 
  62. Annie Logue The Root of All 
  63. Sarah Ludwig Parenting by Trial and Error 
  64. Kirsten Madaus Farm Fresh Feasts 
  65. Katy Manck BooksYALove 
  66. Alana Mautone Ramblin’ with AM 
  67. Jen Miller Notes from a Hired Pen 
  68. Gwen Moran Biziversity 
  69. Billie Noakes The BillieGram 
  70. Anne Noble Mac’s Musings 
  71. Holly Ocasio Rizzo California Wildwoman 
  72. Holden Page Holden Page 
  73. Andrea Payan Mrs Payan Reads 
  74. Michele Phillips Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans 
  75. Jennie Phipps What Freelance Success Says 
  76. Jaya Powell Jaya Wrote This 
  77. Sreeja Praveen The Alter Ego 
  78. Shalini R Tale of Two Tomatoes 
  79. Michelle Rafter WordCount: Freelancing in the digital age 
  80. Kate Reilly Kathleen M. Reilly 
  81. Meredith Resnick Reflections on Narcissism: Surviving the Self-Involved 
  82. Meredith Resnick The Writer’s [Inner] Journey 
  83. Corinne Rodrigues From 7Eight 
  84. Pia savage courting destiny 
  85. Joyce Schmalz The Skinny Pear 
  86. Damita Shanklin Damita’s Life 
  87. Irene B. Smithi 
  88. Randy Southerland Southwrite 
  89. Vidya Sury Your Medical Guide 
  90. Darci Swisher He Eats What I Make 
  91. Jean Thilmany upanddownadoption 
  92. Vilissa Thompson The World Through the Eyes of Ms. V 
  93. Lori Tripoli Bashful Adventurer 
  94. Marcia Layton Turner Association of Ghostwriters 
  95. Paul Vachon Vachon’s Curiosity Shop 
  96. Paula Vergara Paula Vergara 
  97. Marijke Vroomen Durning Marijke: Nurse Turned Writer  (that's me!)
  98. Rebecca L. Weber Backstory 
  99. Susan Weiner Investment Writing 
  100. Melissa Willis Ever Growing Farm 
  101. Michele “Wojo” Wojciechowski My Life with Riley 
  102. Lindsay Woolman Reasons to Live - 

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