Sunday, June 29, 2014

Final week blogathon round-up

Week 4 is over and this week has been a bit challenging in terms of finding topics I wanted to write about. Here is what we discussed:

Yesterday, June 28, I posted about three blogs I like, as well as a list of over 100 bloggers who were also participating in this blogathon.

On Friday, I addressed a question I get frequently - "Have I read anything you've written?" Maybe...maybe not!

Thursday's post was an excuse to write about my quilting, in a piece about how crafting is good for the brain. I put some nice photos too. :-)

Wednesday's post was about soccer and head injuries. I watched the Netherlands win over Mexico today and saw some nasty head collisions. Ouch! But I'm glad that the Dutch won!

On Tuesday, I covered an important issue, that of midwives and how they save lives all over the world.

And the week started with an interesting piece (I thought) about how a clinic in Montreal is bringing healthcare to the homeless and marginalized in Montreal.

Lots of variety!

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