Friday, February 9, 2018

Over 90,000 Page Views for a Post I Wrote in 2008

Wow. Just wow.

I was poking around in my blog stats this evening. I began writing this blog almost 11 years ago now, so there are lots of posts. Some years, I'm great about posting often. Other years, well, to be honest I don't think about posting here. For a several years, if you Googled "nurse writer," I was one of the top three hits and often the first one. Now I'm not even on the front page. Ouch.  I get busy with paying work and feel guilty about not posting here. But it is gratifying to know that even whien I'm not posting, people are reading. Some of my posts have been read thousands of times.

I try to write about topics that I think you will find interesting. Sometimes I get it, other times I don't. But I sure struck a chord when I wrote, How Can You Die From Pneumonia? Bernie Mac Did. 
The post has been viewed as, of this evening (11 pm EST, Friday night), 90,415 times. This is a particularly interesting post for many cases, but maybe even more now given the flu season we're having. The runner up post, Broken Hips in Elderly Can Lead to Death, has been read almost 45,000 times.

So stay tuned for more stories. Who knows what I may find.

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