Friday, January 27, 2017

My Professional Website Update

I've been writing and editing health and medical information since the late 90s, going full-time in 2009. I love my work, even if that means having to do something I'm not thrilled about: marketing. Being a freelance writer means you have to constantly market yourself to ensure a steady flow of clients and work.

Much of my work comes from repeat clients and I get a good bit through referrals from colleagues or other editors who have passed on my information. But I also have to make sure that I'm out there so people who are looking for health writers - or nurse writers - can know that I'm available. So, as a freelance writer, my website (along with this blog) allows potential clients to find me and see if I might be a good fit for their needs.

Before I began doing this on a full-time basis, I designed my own website and it worked well. I received many queries, some that resulted in paying work. But as the years passed, my site began to scream out "I designed this myself," and it was no longer a look I wanted. I bit the bullet and hired a web designer. I wanted a site that showed potential clients that I am a professional, but I wanted it clean and something that reflected my niche of health writing. And I got it:

The designer nailed it. It's clean, the colors are what I would have picked, and it presents really well.

There is some debate as to whether writers need their own site now. There are many sites that allow writers to post their CVs or writing samples. I am registered with some, but I think it's important for writers to also have their own space that they're in charge of. The other sites may be helpful, but we're at their mercy, whether it's updated, how it looks, and more. So I think that my website is a good investment.

So, here is my new website. Here's to a new year of work and discovery!

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