Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Round-Up - Day 22 of Blogathon 2013

Happy Saturday! It's day 22 of the Blogathon and finding ideas isn't all that difficult considering all the news that's been around the past few weeks.

Saturday is round up day here. On Monday, Blogathon participants were challenged to post videos on their blog. Here are a few of the blogs that participated:

Want to catch up on this blog's week's posts? Here is what we talked about this week:

Relaxing Sundays, Good for the Soul
When It's Time to Say Good-bye to a Beloved Pet (with video)
Easier-to-Understand Drug Labels for Canadians
Health Care - from Your Tablet or Smart Phone?
Distracted (Texting & Talking) Walking - No Sympathy Here
Obesity - a Disease?

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