Sunday, June 30, 2013

Relaxing Sunday and.... Last Day of Blogathon 2013

We did it! Made it through all 30 days without missing a beat. Yay! So it's fitting that today is relaxing Sunday too.

I'll take a break from posting for a few days, refuel, so to speak. Unless a really interesting topic catches my attention. Tomorrow is Canada Day, our celebration of the country that has given us so much. We have our problems, there's no doubt about that. I live in Montreal, which seems to be political corruption and scandal central these days. I had a good laugh the other day though. Another mayor resigned from office, from Laval, the city beside Montreal, and the CBC news anchor in TV said, "Another mayor in Quebec resigned today, but not for the usual reasons."

I wish we had a mayor like Naheed Nenshi. What a jewel he has turned out to be. Calgarians, many of us are very envious that you have such a personable, unflappable, cool mayor. I don't imagine he set out to be cool, but watching him speak to the media, he is truly cool. Funny and direct, he got his point across in a kind but firm manner.

That's Canada, eh? From coast to coast, we have our problems, but there are always some shining examples of how great we can be.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians.

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