Monday, July 16, 2012

An Honour - a top 10 blog pick

It's always nice to be recognized for your work and I was very pleased to be chosen as one of 10 Canadian health and fitness bloggers that the people at She Knows Canada felt was worthy of highlighting and recommending to their readers.

Inspiration for Healthier Living; 10 Canadian health and fitness bloggers we love (I'm on the second page),  has some very interesting blogs written by people who could be your friend, your sibling, your neighbour. I feel I am in very good company.

When I write my posts, I try to pick topics that people are interested in, that they can identify with, and that need to be explained in a way that isn't too medical or clinical. It isn't always easy to find information like that on the Internet.

Some of my topics are perennial favourites and are visited at least a few times every day by people who find them through web searches. Other topics that I think will spark conversation don't. Who knows why some topics are more popular than others. I certainly never believed my post on broken hips would be my number one post - but it is.

I regularly get emails from people who want me to link to their for-profit blogs. I always say no. I want my blog to stay independent and free of any outside influences. I do take the occasional guest post, but only after ensuring that A) the person knows what he or she is talking about, and B) the topic falls into what I am trying to do: provide helpful information without trying to sell anything.

So, thank you to She Knows Canada for the recognition and thank you to those who come to my blog to read and to learn.


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