Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday - Relaxing? How Do You Relax?

A big part of being healthy is knowing how to relax. Do you know how to relax?

Taking time for yourself is important, but in today's busy world, how many of us really do take that time to slow down? What do you like to do and wish you had more time for?

I love to quilt. Yes, I made this one, and many more. Did I mention I love to quilt? ;-) To me, hand quilting is very soothing. I can do it while I'm watching television, listening to music, listening to an audiobook or just while I'm pondering life. All is good. Until I jab the needle in my finger, as I did the other day. A small poke is ok, a jab is not. Ouch. But, aside from those few jabs, while I am quilting, I am in my happy place.

I also like to read - and napping is always good. ;-)

Would you like to share what makes you happy, what makes you take time for yourself?


Unknown said...

Hey, I'm talking about the same thing on my blog today! Except I posted a bunch of time-wasters. Fun and pointless stuff to do. But I like to relax by reading, writing in my journal, and biking or hiking. After a good, long bike ride or hike, I love to wind up at a coffee house or restaurant for breakfast. Those are my favorite morning rituals.

Marijke Vroomen-Durning said...

Great minds think alike. ;-)

Today, my son and his fiancee are coming over for their birthdays' dinner. M's bd was while I was in NYC and his fiancee's birthday was a week and a half before that.

Maša said...

lovely quilt! my favorite form of relaxation is reading. I'm also prone to forget to slow down and relax. sometimes I think I should schedule relaxation time! :)

bookworm said...

I read, crochet, pin on Pinterest, and - the biggest time waster of all time - play the online game FarmVille!