Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life After b5media

Many of my writer friends have asked me what I'm going to do next with the most recent cleaning out of the b5media studios. They know I blogged for three of their blogs and hope that I'm going to land on my feet. I won't trash the company - they did keep me busy for a few years. I just wish things had been done differently.

Am I going to land on my feet? Of course I am! :) Seriously. Although I do blog on health issues, both here and now at GadaboutHealth.com, I am primarily a writer for other media, online and in print. I write for companies that hire me to write patient education material; edit, rewrite, or write material for professionals, such as other nurses or paramedics; and a host of other things.

I won't deny that blogging for b5media was good to me. It gave me enough of an income that I could pick and choose which writing jobs I wanted to take. That is a freedom that not enough people have. So, what am I going to do?

I'm going to ramp up my marketing strategy, send out more queries - something that I tend not to do too often - and LOIs (letters of introduction). Scanning the job listings is a given. Although there's a lot of garbage out there, there are some diamonds. You just have to dig hard enough and long enough to find them. And network. I'm contacting clients of days gone by, talking to fellow writers, and following leads. You just never know who knows what company is hiring.

So, back to the drawing board. And if you hear of anything, I'm listening!

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