Friday, March 5, 2010

Healthbolt and Diseases & Conditions Blog Now History

Many of my readers here follow my posts over at Healthbolt and at the Blisstree Diseases and Conditions blog. Sadly, many of us received our termination notices this morning and those blogs are no longer part of my life. It is all part of b5media's "redirection," or whatever they call it.

In the meantime, I'll be working hard to help build up the new network I began with Gayla Baer, We'll have the stuff we had at Healthbolt and more.

In the meantime, my shingle is out: "Work wanted!"

While I am a health and medical writer, blog writing helps supplement the income when projects are slow, and they help give a break in serious writing when the writing jobs are plentiful. So, if you hear of anything that may be a good fit, please pass it on.

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Shai Coggins said...

Hey, Marijke. Really feel sad about this. I hope you will find the next great thing soon enough. Do take care always and please keep in touch. Take care!