Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blatant Sexuality to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

October is coming fast and it will be Breast Cancer Awareness month. We've all seen the public service announcements (PSAs) and campaigns to help people become more knowledgeable about the disease, but this year, there's a new spin on the whole issue: appealing to the ogling man. Yet another example of sex sells, right?

By having television PSAs of men ogling well-endowed women, or sexy lingerie shots that linger on ample bosoms, the community is trying to appeal to the tendency many men seem to have, that of staring at a woman's chest. By appealing to the men, getting them to understand that if there is breast cancer, they won't have these things to ogle, they may become more aware of it.

But will it work? Somehow, I doubt it. The men who blatantly stare at a woman's physical attributes isn't thinking "oh, we have to save those, let's donate to breast cancer research." Or am I wrong - would a man think that way? Somehow, I doubt it.

My question is, if it's against our sensibilities to have such blatant sexuality in TV commercials, such as beer ads, why is it ok for breast cancer awareness? You can read more about the campaign in this LA Times article, Breast cancer ads use lechery for good.


Tracey said...

While I think it will bring more attention to breast cancer, I don't think it will cause more men to donate money. I think it does promote the "woman are their breasts" mentality which likely hurts some women who lose their breasts to cancer. I'd rather see a "your loved one has breast cancer" type of commercial, but, then, I'm a woman so maybe I don't know how men will react to it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tracey, I think it is objectifying women. We are more than our breasts! As a woman who had breast cancer and whose surgeon continued to describe my breasts as "flowers", I wonder where all this comes from.