Monday, August 24, 2009

Murder, Accident or Stupidity?

I try to stay away from the Michael Jackson thing. I think it's sad that he died and I do believe he was a musical genius. His music was catchy and had something special about it. I also believe he died too young and sometimes wonder what else he may have given the world had he lived longer. But, the whole circus that his death has become is really too much.

As I said, it's sad that he died. I do think it's important that we know if he died accidentally or if someone helped him die - be it intentionally or not. But, are we owed the constant coverage?

I have to admit when I first heard of this death and his doctor's odd (to me) actions, I had many questions. The 9-1-1 call that was played clearly said that the doctor was performing CPR on MJ as MJ lay on his bed. Anyone who knows CPR knows that unless you have a hard board underneath the victim, CPR is useless on a bed. They have to be put on the floor. You need to have a hard surface for the compressions to have any effect.

Then, the news came out with the propofol, the strong sedative that is dangerous if it's not used properly. Propofol is a great medication when it's used for what it's meant to be used for. Obviously, MJ wasn't doing that. Red flags anyone?

Then there were comments from those around MJ or who knew people who knew him. They commented to the effect of "what else could anyone do, if MJ wanted something, you gave it to him." Uh, no. You don't have to. You only have to if you want to keep your lifestyle and your association with him. Otherwise, saying "no" is very easy. It's one syllable, two letters. N-O.

I'm not a fan of what MJ became over the past couple of decades, but I do wish that we could go back to remember MJ the musician. Not the freak show that he became and the circus that was his death.


Tech said...

It's not surprising considering he was healthy and full of energy the day before.

Erin said...

I am not surprised of all the "speculations" surrounding his death, because if you haven't noticed, no professional doctors or registered nurses are coming out saying anything to back up these claims people are making. To me, THAT is a red flag and something that shouldn't be ignored. The sooner they let someone in who knows what they are doing, the sooner MJ can rest in peace.