Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama and the hopes for health care

Whether you agree with his election or not, it's done and Barack Hussein Obama will become the 44th President of the United States by noon (EST) today. And with hit, he has an enormous responsibility and a heavy load on his shoulders.

Health care is but one of those many issues, but for many - it is *the* issue. Will he be able to bring the fractured and arguing family of health care providers, insurances, and doctors all together to come to a consensus? One can only hope.

Best of luck to my American neighbors and many of us here in Canada are watching, hoping, and praying that this historic event is the beginning of a great period for you all.


Anonymous said...

I really wonder what will he do on this field. There are so many task for him and I have feeling health care reform was a bit pushed behind in last weeks. And it will be not easy definitely, maybe the hardest task! I think it will take many years to transform their system, financial crisis will be gone and forgotten, but health care reform will still cause pain.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Dear Marijke,
I personally think its absurd that the decisions made by the higher authority is made, and when it comes down to crunch time, nobody's crunching...
Its beautiful to see Obama saying all that he says, but is it really smart and logical to move by these actions now??
Maybe we should all sit down and think for the future of this country for once, we should end many things and come up with some sense to make this world a better place!!