Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blogging about health stuff - why?

Since my blog has been in the running for best Canadian health blog, I've been asked by a few people why I do it. After all, I make no money from it, I have no advertisers, and no-one has hired me to do it. This is unlike a few of my other blogs. I'm paid to write once a week for Nurses' Notes. B5media has hired me to write Help My Hurt, Cancer Commentary, and Womb Within. And, my newest project, Seniors Support, is one that I'm trying to get to be an income-generating blog. But this one, no income at all.

I'll tell you why I do it. I love doing it. Although I feel like I was born to write and I'm trained as a nurse, I think that I also have the heart of a teacher. That comes in handy as a nurse because you're always doing some kind of patient teaching. So, by combining my writing skills, my nursing knowledge, and my innate ability to teach - I've come up with the perfect outlet: writing my blog.

I like being able to find interesting information and sharing it. I like going through the news wires to see what is out there and what you might like to read about. It gives me something to do that is beyond what I do for others.

I have some wonderful non-blog clients. I love my work very much. But there's something about this blog that I just love to do and that's why I was so thrilled to make it to the second round of voting. It validates that what I'm doing is somehow helping others.

It's not the most popular blog in terms of number of hits per month, but I have many loyal and return readers. And I get a lot of drive-by readers who find what they're looking for through a search engine. but I like to think that the information I'm sharing, although not expert in any sense, is helpful to those who find it.

That's why I blog.

News for Today:

Report: Vermont Is Healthiest State

Study Shows How Shift Workers Can Improve Job Performance and Implement a Realistic Sleep Schedule

Children of U.S. Farmworkers Often Uninsured

Surgery a Boon for Most Common Form of Epilepsy

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Irishdoc said...

Well I know that for me blogging is both an intensely personal and therapuetic enterprise. I left for a while, dusted myself off and am starting over.