Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Now it's the US's turn for Thanksgiving

We Canadians had our Thanksgiving last month and now it's our American neighbour's turn. It seems to be a much bigger deal in the US and it's quite the event getting families together for some family time and good food.

So, as you all get ready to enjoy the festivities, there are some health-related issues to keep in mind to help keep your celebrations safe and fun. They're a bit random, but all important:

If you have elderly visitors who have limited mobility and/or vision:

  • Be sure that all tripping hazards are removed. This would mean

  • moving scatter rugs

  • fastening down carpet edges

  • removing or taping down cords from walking paths

  • remove objects from the stairs

  • clearing up all spills to prevent slipping

For children:

  • keep them away from the cooking area as much as possible

  • keep candles, lighters and matches out of reach

  • place purses that may contain medications well out of reach

  • don't leave glasses with alcohol lying around, even if there's just a little bit left at the bottom

  • if you have any dangerous areas like a pool or pond outside, be sure that someone is always aware of where the children are, even if the area is locked off

General tips:

  • keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold

  • ensure all candles and cigarettes are extinguished properly

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