Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did you have or do you want to use a midwife?

Midwives are becoming increasingly popular among women who are giving birth. Using a midwife for an uncomplicated pregnancy takes the "medicine" out of such pregnancies. And, if you think about it, why are doctors needed for pregnancy if there is nothing wrong?

I'm not saying that there shouldn't be doctors. Even the most uncomplicated pregnancy can end up with problems during the labour and delivery, but the chances are lower than with the complicated ones. So - what's wrong with the happy medium: allowing (and encouraging) mothers to use the services of midwives with the back up of doctors in case of emergency? It definitely seems like a win-win situation for everyone, except the doctors who lose any income from delivering obstetrical care.

If you are concerned about the health of midwifery in the United States, I suggest you take notice of the fact that the Miami Dade College in Florida is *closing* its midwifery program. That is a devastating decision for both those who want to spend their working life helping women have positive pregnancy and birth experiences, and the women who want them.

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