Saturday, August 9, 2008

And they're off...

I'm a summer Olympics junkie. I love the whole thing from the opening ceremonies to the closing - and everything in between. I actively cheer on my favourites but I also really cheer on the athletes who come from countries that can only afford to send very few of them; sometimes only two or three.

Over at Help My Hurt, I'm keeping up with the injuries that occur to some of the athletes. I hope there aren't too many. I remember when the games were here in Montreal, a diver hit his head as he dove off the platform. How frightening for his friends and loved ones, let alone everyone else who was watching.

I'll be back with my regular news links - I took a bit of a hiatus after being pegged as spam. Turns out it was an error - a glitch. But I'm ticked that I didn't get an email about that, I only found out when I tried to sign and found that I could. There's a general apology from blogger in the dashboard, but if they could send out emails telling us that our blogs were spam, then they could send us emails saying, "oops, sorry. You can post again."

Catch you later!

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