Monday, July 21, 2008

10 most popular posts here

I check my stats for this blog every day - it gives me an idea of how many people are stopping by, from where, how they're finding their way over, and what posts they're reading most often. Sometimes the popular posts surprise me but obviously they must strike a chord with someone.

Here are the 10 most popular posts since I started the blog over a year ago:

  1. Broken hips in the elderly can lead to death
  2. Kristin Armstrong - Olympic cyclist and osteoarthritis
  3. Bone marrow transplants - would you be a donor?
  4. Is it a brain aneurysm?
  5. Do medical dramas affect patient reactions?
  6. Keeping seniors cool in the heat
  7. Are your joints a weather barometer?
  8. Cancers below the waist
  9. Spelling tricks
  10. Fainting - not a pleasant experience

Today at Help My Hurt:

ABCs of pain: U is for…
Pain Facts & Figures
Chronic burning pain in your mouth?
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How you feel pain
5-minute neck exercises
5 most popular posts this week
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Living with pain can be costly

Today at Womb Within:

Don’t let pregnancy be an excuse to get out of shape
ABCs of pregnancy: I is for…
Pregnancy + Fiber = lower chance of preeclampsia?
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News for Today:

Kids Can Have Strokes Too, AHA Warns
Weighing Risks Of Removing Ovaries
'Why not just talk about it?'
Eye solution could harm users: Health Canada
Counterfeit Oral-B toothbrushes recalled for choking hazard
Drug restores speech in Alzheimer's; experts worry

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