Thursday, June 5, 2008

Green cleaning healthier?

Do you like contests? Do you believe that using "greener" products leads to a healthier environment? I'd like to hear what you think.

While I do believe that using less toxic products will be better for both the environment and our health, I wonder if that ever will become the norm? Do you watch what you buy in order to protect your health and your environment?

I'm holding a contest over at Womb Within, giving away a gift pack of non-toxic cleaners from Seventh Generation. The package is worth 40.00 and includes kitchen and household cleaning products.

I received some of their products for review and liked them, so if you're interested in having a look at what the products are about and entering the contest, head on over to the post: Keeping clean and green during pregnancy (and beyond) - a review and a contest,

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Today at Womb Within:

Keeping clean and green during pregnancy (and beyond) - a review and a contest

How did you name your baby?

News for Today:

Kylie Minogue's breast cancer leads to screening spike in young women: study

Exercising teens have lower risk of premenopausal breast cancer: study

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Nearly 1 in 5 teenagers admit eating problems, but anxiety is a bigger problem than appearance

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, you're keeping busy!

Womb within looks like a great site (though not one I'll be needing personally, barring miracles).