Wednesday, June 11, 2008

do you know what a blog carnival is?

I didn't know what a blog carnival was and I was too shy to ask. I figured that it was something that everyone knew except me. Until I finally asked and then I thought, hey, that's a great idea.

For those who don't know what blog carnival is, it's an organized post on someone's blog that is about a certain topic and anyone is welcome to submit a post from their own blog, as long as it fits in the theme. You can have a blog carnival on movies, lung cancer, dogs, anything you want.

So, I thought - hey - I can do that. And I did. In May, I launched the Living with Pain blog carnival and yesterday we had June's edition. It was quite successful for only a second edition, I think. If you'd like to check it out, it's here: June: Living with Pain Blog Carnival

The next edition is in July, so if you have a blog about pain and think you'd like to have a link in the carnival, just give me a shout.

I also started one for pregnancy - just new now. I still have to put the widget in the side bar. I'll try to do that sometime today.

Today at Help My Hurt:

Children with migraines have higher risk of sleep apnea and other disorders

FDA Recall: Morphine Sulfate 60 mg Extended Release Tablets - Recall of a Single Lot

Press Release: FDA Broadens Indication for Once-Yearly Reclast for Prevention of Fractures After a Hip Fracture

Today at Womb Within:

IBD relapse during pregnancy raises risk of preterm delivery

A pregnancy "meme" or game of tag

Womb surgery ’saves baby’s leg’

Morning sickness may be worse if you’re thin

News for Today:

Smoking, high BMI may lead to hearing loss, study suggests

Toronto woman seeks bone marrow transplant from donor of Chinese descent

More people getting HIV than being treated for it, UN says

St. John's Wort of no help for ADHD symptoms

Naps Best Way to Fight Midday Nods

A Blood Substitute's Effectiveness and Safety Addressed in Large Clinical Trial

Accuracy of mammography varies by facility

End-of-life patients need big picture

Light therapy 'can slow dementia'

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