Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Should we stop being so protective of our kids?

There's more news today about how letting our young children go may be better for their health than trying to protect them from everything.

There has been research, for a while, that showed children who lived with animals and in farm situations had lower rates of illnesses like asthma. This research seems to be getting more backing. In this article, Hair of the dog fights allergies, researchers found that children who were exposed as young children to dogs had a lower incidence of allergies.

In another study, one that is more interesting, researchers have found that children who are exposed to others in groups such as daycares or preschools have a lower incidence of childhood leukemia (New analysis finds daycare attendance early in life cuts childhood leukemia risk by 30 percent).

I've written posts in the past about how we are going overboard with protecting our children; maybe I'm not so wrong.

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