Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Health care begins at home?

There is much moaning and groaning among people about the state of the our healthcare systems, regardless of where we live. Either there aren't enough doctors or nurses, or the waits are too long, or the treatments are too expensive. But, how many people who are waiting for health care may have been able to avoid some of their issues if they had taken better care of themselves to begin with?

I'm not saying that people are sick through their own actions - there are people who live incredibly healthy lives who end up sick and needing expensive and lifesaving treatments; but let's face it. Many people do not take their health seriously and do many things to compromise it, from not exercising, not eating well, smoking, and making other not-so-healthy choices.

This stood out when I read this article: Most with high blood pressure do not follow recommended diet. We need to start taking our health more seriously. We do have what seems like miracle cures sometimes; we have medications and treatments and therapies - but if we don't do our own part, they won't - and can't - have the effect they're supposed to.

News for Today:

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