Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting kids moving

This article caught my eye: Kids more active when playground has balls, jump ropes, UNC study shows

Often, we lament that we don’t see kids playing outside, they aren’t getting the exercise we’d like to see, but how many of us (parents) buy the toys and equipment they need for this?

I remember when my kids were young, I was forever buying them skipping ropes, chalks for making hopscotch squares, and all sorts of stuff. It was something I just thought they needed. I honestly didn’t think about if these things were making them more active or not.

We know that our kids – in general – aren’t getting as much exercise as they should. Gone are the days that they walk to school, for example. When I was growing up, the rule was if you lived more than 1 mile, you were bused to school. The rest were “walkers,” sunshine, rain, or snow. Now, if a child is a walker, chances are he or she will be driven to school.

Where I grew up, street hockey was the norm. There were games of street hockey everywhere. Drivers knew to watch for them and kids knew to yell “car” when one was coming. Now, they’re few and far between.

We’re keeping our children safe. We’re trying to keep them from getting hurt from the evils out in the world. But at what cost?

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