Thursday, November 22, 2007

Portion control!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. Today, millions of people in the US will be tucking into their favourite meals. Whether you are a turkey lover or a non-traditionalist, hopefully you will get to enjoy yourself.

Many websites have tips on how to avoid overeating at this time of year, how to watch your weight, how to avoid fat and all that stuff. I figure, as long as this type of eating is a special event, there isn’t too much wrong with taking part. Moderation – portion control – is the ticket though. Have a bit of everything and enjoy it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular health post.

News for Today:

More Americans exercising, though obesity rates going nowhere: study
Arterial vascular disease underdiagnosed, undertreated in older US women
Lung transplants bring more harm than good to children with cystic fibrosis

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Learning ZoneXpress said...

This article makes an excellent point about controlling the portions vs. controlling the calories - it is very similar to the approach we use teaching appropriate nutrition to elementary-age children.

Keep up the great work!