Thursday, November 15, 2007

Death by plastic surgery

Plastic surgery, Botox, Restalyn, liposuction – procedures all to keep us from looking older. According to this article, Plastic surgery complications rare: study, complications – and death – are rare during cosmetic procedures, but they do happen. In 2004, a prominent Montreal woman, Micheline Charest, died after having a face lift and breast augmentation; the same year, Olivia Goldsmith, author of The First Wives Club, died during cosmetic surgery; and earlier this week, Kanye West’s mother died. That’s just three women whose lives were cut short due to unnecessary and avoidable surgical procedures. If we look beyond those who died, there are many women (and men) who undergo such procedures who live, but have had bad results due to botched or unsuccessful surgeries. No surgery is every successful 100% of the time – complications can and do happen.

Many people don’t see plastic surgery as “real” surgery. The thing is, it is very real surgery. It involves anesthetic, which has risks of its own, and the procedures – all of which have some risk. Is it worth it? Is this search for never-ending youth worth it? Some people think so.

I’ve heard women compare having cosmetic surgery to dying your hair. While I respect the decision to have cosmetic surgery, if that’s your choice, but I won’t accept that comparison. As far as I know, there is no risk of death from dying or permanent disfigurement from hair dye.

So, if someone does want cosmetic surgery, they need to be sure that they are healthy enough for the surgery. If one surgeon says you’re not a good candidate for surgery – is it really a good idea to shop around until you find one who will take the chance? You need to be sure the surgeon is board certified and experienced in the procedure you’re about to undergo. Most of all, you need to go into the surgery knowing full well all the risks.

Charest, Goldsmith and West probably all thought that nothing bad would happen to them.

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Dawn said...

I'm in my fifites and more or less resigned to looking how I look. I do occasionally think "I wonder if a jab of Botox would help those lines", then I tell myself that they're character lines. I wouldn't consider surgery. I've been blessed with a skin that is aging well (thanks mum) so haven't too many of the wrinkles - yet!

Marijke Vroomen-Durning said...

Hi Dawn - yup, I hear you. I wonder from time to time too - but I'm a chicken. So, I'll keep the skin I have the way it is. :-)