Thursday, August 30, 2007

Successful fostering story - Chance has a home

Chance got a home!

Some of you may remember my posting about our foster greyhound, Chance. We took him in four days after our Oscar passed away. Meant only to be a short-term placement, several people worked hard to find Chance his forever home and a couch of his own.

Chance is a senior; he’ll be 9 in December, and a heft dude, weighing in at 90 lbs. But he’s a real love bug that just needs pets and neck rubs. We don’t know much about his history. Through his tattoos, the people who plucked him from where he wasn’t wanted were able to track down his track name, Jags Bravehart. According to the Greyhound Data base, he was born in 1998 and raced 53 times, retiring in 2002. After that, we have no idea what happened to him, other than he was found at the Montreal SPCA four years ago and adopted by an older man who died a few weeks ago. Not wanted by his family, Chance was taken for fostering until a good home could be found for him.

I participate in a forum called and, now that Oscar has passed away, I don’t have his diaries to write any more. But, I was able to come up with some fun ways to showcase my love bug. First, there was Chance’s introduction to Greytalk. Then, the appeals started. Here was the deal on Chance (lots of photos in these posts, by the way). Then, with some interest peaking, we went with a different tactic. This was followed by Chance’s application to an Internet matchmaking service, and then this was followed by Chance’s personal ad.

Just as I was getting ready to start a new approach, the good news came and Chance is off to his new home tomorrow morning.

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Terrie Farley Moran said...


Congratulations to you, to Chance and to his new family.


Crabby McSlacker said...

So glad to hear Chance found a good home!

Dawn said...

Have just spent a lovely half hour going through all of Chance's photos. You've done good, Marijke, and I wish Chance all the best in his new life.