Monday, August 20, 2007

Query blitz

I had a busy weekend. I didn’t get much of anything done this past week because of everything that went on, from Oscar’s death to the arrival of a foster greyhound*. So, in one way, it was good I didn’t have any assignments to work on. Of course, not having any assignments is also pretty stressful to me because – well, no assignments, no work = no pay. It’s a good thing that I had a very, very good month of July.

So, this weekend was spent querying my little heart out. I don’t know how many queries writers like to have out at any particular time, but let’s just say that I’m way up there. I used to say “but I have no ideas,” when asked why I wasn’t querying. I used to say, I’m a good writer if you tell me what to write about, just don’t ask me to come up with anything on my own. The funny thing? I do have a lot of ideas, I just didn’t know it.

Although I’m trying to break out of just health-related writing, it is my bread and butter, so that’s what most of the queries were about. It’s what I know; it’s what I’m good at. So along that vein, some of my ideas weren’t quite health related, but they were close enough in some aspects that being a nurse and a health writer helped with the pitch. Now let’s just see if that query blitz pays off.

On the bright side, sales of Oscar’s book are steady. It’s been on the market for less than two weeks, and I’ve sold about 30 or so copies. Considering it’s only available on lulu, com, I think that’s pretty good. If you haven’t had a look yet, you can see a preview of the book at my storefront, just click on the title. We were number 61 in sales last week.

*Chance, the foster is doing very well. He spent the first day just lying on his bed, quite depressed. The next day, he began to walk around a bit but with an air of “can I really do this?” He’s really not sure of what he can and can’t do. Every time he gets up off his bed, we encourage him to come to us, we go to him and we give him lots of ear scritches and what we call butt scratches (rubbing of the thigh muscles). He loves it. And then, on Saturday night, Chance got off his bed and came right to me for some loving. When I stopped rubbing his neck, he went over to my husband for some more. Then off to my daughter. I think we’re making progress. So, whoever gets this sweetie will be spending lots of time just laying on the loving. Now if I could just stop calling him Chase instead of Chance, I’d be happy.

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