Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My own personal health-related news release

This was one news release that I didn’t find, but I just might write up myself:

Greyhound gas causes migraines

Montreal, QC. August 7, 2007. Noxious gas fumes released from the back end of a greyhound (canine species) has been found to cause migraines in humans. In a study of 1, a human was exposed to noxious greyhound (canine-type) emissions over night and this resulted in the human subject being quite ill with a migraine. The pain appeared to begin within an hour or so after exposure. The subject quit the study after four hours, stating, "I can't freaking take this any more."

The researcher points out that said greyhound is sick (tummy trouble) and suffering from severe back pain, which is being treated with Rimadyl®, an anti-inflammatory. Whether the medication is the cause of the greyhound’s noxious emissions remains to be discovered, but the subject human is not only noted to have a migraine, but she is in a really, really bad mood.

The researcher suggests that follow-up studies be done but the human subject told the researcher to do something that appears to be physically impossible.


here is the culprit, Oscar:

Ok, in all seriousness – we know that our bodies react to odours, but who would have thought that my sick dog would make me sick? In this world of so many different substances, be they gases or the chemicals in our plastics (latest story on plastic and health ). In other words, we have no idea what we’re doing to ourselves sometimes.

At this point, I’m going to concentrate on helping Oscar feel better.


Crabby McSlacker said...

That's hilarious!

One advantage of cats over dogs--at least in my experience--cats seem a little less prone to noxious emissions.

Loved this; very funny!

Terrie Farley Moran said...


Okay, so the dog story was funny, but, as you know, I go for the news items.

Thanks for the one about the clots in hospital patients. I was in the hospital a few months ago for eleven days but I was fortunate enough to be ambulatory, so I could walk around and do exercises (and dance with my IV machine, who I nicknamed Harry and who never once stepped on my foot, unlike . . . (but I digress.)

I did wonder about some of my more bedridden companions. Glad to know it's become an area of concern.


Dawn said...

I do hope Oscar is begining to feel better. That was funny, Marijke. Having two dogs that live mostly inside, I know just how bad a farting dog can smell!

One of ours is part greyhound and I have a real soft spot for them. I'm off to peruse Oscar's diary now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marijke,

I'd like to add that a few nights ago at least two people I know of, while watching a Philip Glass opera, were stricken, mid-performance, with migraines.

Anonymous said...

does oscar know that he is now famous? I love the picture with his paw up!

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm sorry you are getting migraines from your dogs emissions (nice dog too BTW) but the story is funny!

I wonder if you can give your dog a probiotic or even some yogurt with live bacterial culture? It might help digestion and might help with the uh emissions ...