Monday, June 11, 2007

Finding Good Health News

A few people have asked me where are the best sources for reliable health news. While my first glib response would be “my blog, of course,” I do realize that I don’t have what one would call comprehensive news coverage.

What I do, when I’m writing my blog for the day, is I find some stories that I find particularly interesting that I think may interest other people as well. I find a lot of things interesting that I’m pretty sure many of you would not, so I try to contain my excitement over certain newsbits.

I like Health Behavior News Service, which I have to admit I write for. But they have a great daily news email that covers interesting topics. The site itself has studies written by its contributing writers, but the daily email is a list of popular news that has come out recently. Today’s, for example, had links to a story on lifestyle changes for obese women with breast cancer, women’s midlife weight and its connection to diabetes later on in life, and drugs for people with Alzheimers.

I also go to, a Canadian television network, and, the Canadian broadcasting company. If I feel like looking further, I’ll go to Eurekalert or PR Newswire, and sometimes to my old work place of The Doctor’s Guide to the Internet. When I worked for them, one of my tasks was to scour the newswires for interesting news, so that was a fun part of the job.

Even sites like Yahoo or MSN can have good news pieces, just check to see where the links are originally from. Google is a good source too, I just click on the news section.

Other than HBNS, I don’t get any daily news emails. I find that I don’t read them most of the time and that I prefer to go out searching for them.

News for today:
New tests predict Alzheimer's victims

Health group says more hand washing in hospitals will save thousands of lives

CDC Updates Tools to Help Physicians Recognize and Manage Concussions Early

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