Saturday, May 24, 2008

I've given birth to.....

.... a new blog :-)

I've been blogging over at the b5Media network since December when I began working on Help My Hurt. That blog is doing very well and I was given the opportunity to take on a new one - on pregnancy. This one is called the Womb Within. This blog is about health and related issues in pregnancy, with a bit of fun.

I thought it would be interesting to work on something like this although I am in no way, shape, or form, in the family way myself. I had children 16, 19, and 21 years ago - I've done my bit.

I do hope that you'll stop by and check out my new blog and spread the message to anyone you know who may be able to use the information. We'll be having guest bloggers (I have a doula who has already given me her first few posts) and lots of giveaways. One starting this coming Monday or Tuesday.

Here is a sample of what is going on over at Womb Within:

Having a kidney transplant may not mean you can’t have a baby
My own pregnancy stories
Could your cell phone be harming your unborn child?
Prenatal care - what is it?
When did you announce your pregnancy?
Womb Within has its very own doula

Today at Help My Hurt:

Constipation - a very painful problem
Chronic pain fact
Video: What is an MRI?
Study finds Amitiza effective in managing chronic pain from IBS-C
Does whiplash cause chronic pain?

News for Today:

Life exists after teen motherhood: StatsCan
Sexual performance aid could be dangerous: Health Canada
More education needed about schizophrenia in teens years: experts
FDA warns mothers about nipple cream
High blood pressure patients advised to use home monitors
Lifestyle Changes Can Keep Diabetes at Bay for 14 Years
Patch Form of HRT Poses Less Clotting Risks Than Pill Does
Falls are leading cause of injury deaths in senior citizens

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