Thursday, May 22, 2008

Becoming part of a blogging community

One of the last things I expected, when I began blogging, was to become part of a community. While I hoped to have a community come together to read my own blogs, I didn't think that I had a community to be part of - that of bloggers. Seems I was wrong.

This blog has become quite well ranked in terms of certain search phrases (I'm shocked at how often it turns up for topics regarding hip fractures and the elderly, for example) and this has led people to contact me and start up conversations. Help My Hurt has brought me together with fellow bloggers through the b5Media network and other bloggers have contacted me, leading me to other blogs.

Because I focus a lot on pain, I've been chatting with other pain-related bloggers, particularly migraines. One blog that I like, The Daily Headache, is a popular blog with a forum where people can chat. Kerrie, the creator and host of the blog is not well and is taking a much-needed, much-deserved break. However, when you maintain a popular blog that people depend on for information, it's hard to take that break for a few days, let alone several weeks.

Kerrie asked for help so I volunteered. Two of us will be maintaining her blog in her absence so she can rest up and get better. I was a bit embarrassed to see the first post she scheduled from me was a post on what is happening over at Help My Hurt, but that's what she wanted to do. And, that's what I'm learning that bloggers do - they help each other and they send people to other blogs so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge out here in the Wild West called the Internet. I can't replace Kerrie but I sure hope that I can keep her baby going and she can rest without worrying.

I'm very shy - who'd have thought I'd find myself as part of another community? I like it.

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The BIKE Lady said...


This is a great story of how bloggers can assist each other. I'm still learning my way around the blogging world. Still figuring out how to connect with other bloggers. Our blogathon through FLX has helped move me closer in that direction. But I have a lot to learn. Your post here helped.


Champion of My Heart said...

That *is* a great story. How nice that you can help!!

Marijke Durning said...

Jackie, I'm glad I helped.

Champion - thanks. :-)