Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Influenza - stay away please!

Have you had the flu this year? Influenza, that nasty virus that can knock you flat for at least a week is making its annual rounds.

Have you had a flu shot? Every year, there's a ton of debate as to whether the flu shot is useful or not. This year, the debate is particularly strong because the people who made up the vaccine missed the mark on the most virulent influenza viruses. That being said, I don't think the vaccine was useless. To me, someone who gets dreadfully ill with just a cold, partial immunity is better than none at all.

I'm also a huge proponent for AirBorne and any of the copycat versions. I've been in situations where people all around me have had horrendous colds and, if I take the AirBorne, I don't get it or I get a much lesser version of it. Is it the placebo effect? Maybe - but I know when I tried Cold FX, I ended up with the worst colds I ever had in my life.

What do you do to lessen your chances of catching the flu?

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Dawn said...

Totally off topic - I saw over at Crabby's blog that you're awaiting results for your greyhound. Just to say I hope eveything goes well. I'll be thinking of you.

Marijke Durning said...

Thanks Dawn, I'm still waiting.....