Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm back!

Before I start back on my regular blog posts tomorrow, I have to share something that I learned yesterday. I have to admit, when I read it, I broke down and cried like I've not cried in a long time, and I think I needed it.

I shared Oscar's diaries with some forums I frequent. He became popular in those forums; some people had previous misconceptions about greyhounds, others had never really seen one or known one. His death affected many people.

When I returned from my vacation, I went to one site to post some photos and I learned that a woman in Australia held an Oscar Memorial Garage sale to benefit the Canberra greyhound rescue. I'll let you read her posts. They were part of a "good morning, what's up this weekend?" thread. I'm sharing the information with her permission :

post 1 earlier in the day:
It is already Saturday here and I am waiting for some friends to arrive to set up for the Oscar Memorial Garage Sale in aid of Canberra Greyhound Rescue. We have acquired a lot of good stuff - everything from freerange eggs to televisions and designer handbags and wallets so I hope we make lots of money. At least we have a beautiful day - 1 degree at the moment but fine and sunny and it should be up to 16 by mid morning. That will run until lunch when we will order in pizza and then collapse for the afternoon.

post 2:
Oscar's memorial garage sale made over $700 for greyhound rescue. We had two foster greyhounds there for the sale and they were both excellent ambassadors for the breed and one of them may have a new home - a good day all around.

post 3:
the greyhound rescue group here in the ACT is quite small and new - it was started by the woman who gave me my first rescue dog and another friend - their website is You can see the lovely Harvey who came to act as Ambassador for Greyhounds on the site - he did an excellent job - many people had never met a greyhound close up before and there were lots of comments about how gentle, friendly and smoochy he is.

I am so touched that my Oscar was able to have such a far-reaching effect. Who would have thought that when I sat down to have some fun writing Oscar's diaries three years ago, that this would be the result?


Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Marijke.

Welcome home.

That is a very heartwarming story and shows the kindness of people all over the world.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Welcome back! And that's really inspiring about Oscar. Thanks for sharing that.